CMOS monolithic pixel sensors based on the column-drain architecture for the HL-LHC upgrade

Ivan Berdalovic
Roberto Cardella
Konstantinos Moustakas
Ivan Dario Caicedo Sierra
K. Moustakas, M. Barbero, I. Berdalovic, C. Bespin, P. Breugnon, I. Caicedo, R. Cardella, Y. Degerli, N. Egidos Plaja, S. Godiot, F. Guilloux, T. Hemperek, T. Hirono, H. Krüger, T. Kugathasan, C.A. Marin Tobon, P. Pangaud, H.Pernegger, P. Riedler, P. Ryma
Published In: 
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment

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