Our Early Stage Researchers

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  • ESR 01
    Novel technology (DepMAPS or HVCMOS) that allows the design of fully monolithic pixel detectors for the ATLAS HL-LHC upgrade project.
  • ESR 02
    Design of microelectronics circuits for low noise depleted CCPD and monolithic pixel CMOS sensor
  • ESR 03
    Radiation Hard Non-Volatile Memory BitCell
  • ESR 04
    Design and Test of Novel Sensors Chips for Electron Microscopy
  • ESR 05
    Radiation-hard depleted monolithic pixel sensor IC design and characterization for the ALTAS ITK upgrade
  • ESR 06
    Development, characterization and comparison of new hybrid and monolithic CMOS pixel sensors designed in different technologies for particle and X-ray detectors.
  • ESR 07
    Portable Radiation Detector for Environmental Applications
  • ESR 08
    Device and circuit design for radiation hard CMOS sensors and their optimization through simulation and measurements
  • ESR 09
    Design, assembly and test of large area CMOS pixel detector prototypes, for the ATLAS experiment.
  • ESR 10
    Characterization of High-Voltage CMOS (HV-CMOS) detectors.
  • ESR 11
    Validation and characterization of HV/HR CMOS detectors
  • ESR 12
    Circuit designs for radiation hard CMOS sensors for trackers and beam monitors.
  • ESR 13
    Characterization of a HV-CMOS sensor for TEM applications (Transmission Electron Microscope)
  • ESR 14
    Hybrid bond process development for ultra-fine pitch CMOS sensor-ROC interconnects in pixel detectors
  • ESR 15
    Radiation-induced defects in silicon sensors. Methodology consists of running TCAD simulations, where I implement trapping mechanisms and similar effects. The goal is to design a radiation-hard sensor.
  • ESR 16
    Product valorisation and innovation management
  • ESR 16
    Open Innovation in Humanitarian Sector
  • ESR 17
    Open innovation methods, technology transfer and commercialization strategies for innovation

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