Knowledge Tranfer Workshop

Friday, January 25, 2019

The STREAM workshop was organised by Han Huber Dols from the KT group of CERN on 25 January 2019. The workshop was divided in two parts:

1.- Han presented some real examples of added value implementation on high tech products and help the ESRs to work out few possible business ideas from their scientific research.

2.- The ESRs presented the outcome of their work to the STREAM Collaboration



Few words about the workshop

You may have understood it already, the solution to this is asking why, over and over again, in order to improve your value proposition. It seems quite obvious. But while you quite easily can assume what your value proposition will be, it can take months - even years - before you truly understand what matters to a customer.
Han Dols, from CERN KT, will give you some real life cases from his own experience to demonstrate how the 'real added value' often is not obvious at all and how your sales pitch often turns out to be wrong, especially when bringing new innovative applications to the market .
Han Dols, Knowledge Transfer Officer in the CERN Knowledge Transfer group, has currently the responsibility for business development and building industrial partnerships at CERN. He started his career working in industry in 1994, and has since then gained deep experience in leading and developing technology projects in tight collaboration with partners and customers. Among other things, Han has worked 15 years at DSM, a global company in the material and life science industry, leading strategic marketing planning for various industrial segments. Fun fact 1: Although he has worked in industry for the most part of his career, Han actually studied physics. Fun fact 2: Han also has a very interesting startup.

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