ESR 04: Mateos Horacio

Host Institution: 
KIT (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie)
Design and Test of Novel Sensors Chips for Electron Microscopy
Electronics Engineer / Master of Medical Physsics
Research Interests: 
  • FPGA
  • SoC
  • Micro/Nano Electronics
  • Electronics applied to medicine

I was born in Tandil, Argentina. I have an Engineer degree in Electronics (National University of Mar del Plata) and a Master degree in Medical Physics (Balseiro Institute).

I am very interested in electronics and in using my knowledge to improve the life quality. For this reason, in September 2017, I have joined the STREAM ITN where I develop a PhD in the field of radiation sensors and microelectronics at the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT).

My research topic in STREAM is innovative sensors design for electron microscopy.

Research at STREAM: 

I contribute to the STREAM Work Package 2 “CMOS Technologies Assessment”.

The aim of the work package is to perform studies in the field of radiation detection with semiconductor image sensors in high voltage CMOS technology and to investigate their application in electron microscopy. Depending on the success of the measurements, it may be possible to apply these sensors in other areas, such as medical imaging or hadron therapy.

I am working on pixel sensor developed at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. My work includes sensor chip design, test system development (software, firmware and hardware) and characterization of the sensors. The sensor is tested with photons and electrons. The tests reveal the behavior of the chip and they help us to determine which improvements are needed in order to make it suitable for the chosen application. The development is an iterative process, the design of a new improved version (e.g. with larger area, more precise ADC…) follows the tests.




Host Institution and Secondment Topic 

Expected secondment period

ThermoFisher Scientific (NL), Gathering sensor requirements 

2 weeks in April 2018

ThermoFisher Scientific (NL), Testing prototypes in collaboration with end users        

 2 weks in 2019

Argona National Laboratory  (USA), Test beam                                                            

4 weeks in October 2018

Geneva University (CH), Test beam and laboratory measurements

 4 weks in 2018- 2019               


HVCMOS pixels have impact on the industrial sector (e.g. electron microscopy applications are developed within STREAM) and will open the door of a new era of fast image sensors with high resolution and efficiency for scientific, industrial and medical applications.

Being a PhD in an Innovative training network gives me an excellent push for my future career in research. With STREAM I shadow experts in many scientific fields, I have specific trainings in microelectronics, design and complementary skills, and I am a part of a lively network. Moreover, this experience is giving me the opportunity work in technology areas that could be useful to improve the people’s life quality.

International Workshop on Radiation Imaging Detectors (iWoRiD), Greece
International Solid-State Circuits Conference, USA,17-21.02.2019
Development of CMOS sensors for electron microscopy

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