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Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) eligibility conditions:

ESRs must, at the time of recruitment

  • be in possession of a university degree
  • have a maximum of four years of full-time research experience, including any period of research training, after obtaining the degree which formally allowed them to embark on a doctorate

The ESR positions in STREAM are offered in the context of a Marie Skłodowska Curie Innovative Training Network and transnational mobility is a key element of eligibility. As such, applications will only be accepted from candidates who have spent less than 12 months in country where the fellowship is hosted within the last three years. Candidates’ eligibility for the post is determined by Marie Skłodowska Curie terms and conditions.


The following ESR positions are currently open:

ESR 12 (CERN) - deadline for application 17 December 2017

Duration: 24 months

Objective: Integration of CMOS pixel sensors to trackers and beam monitors

The ESR will use the newly developed monolithic CMOS sensors to test the expected operation for tracker modules and as beam monitors at accelerator applications. Results will give single-event reconstruction parameters for trackers as well integrated information as used in beam monitors (beam profile, timing). In parallel the ESR will participate in the design of dedicated monolithic sensors, which will allow the ESR to become familiar with mixed analog/digital designs. Participating in the design also gives the opportunity to directly feed test results back to optimzed sensor and interface designs.

Depleted radiation hard CMOS sensors are promising new candidates: they allow to improve performance and functionality, as active electronics can be included directly in the sensor. Furthermore it uses established industrial CMOS production processes providing a significant cost advantage over traditional specialty processes used in high energy physics sofar. We strongly pursues the development of depleted CMOS sensors, in particular the development and qualification of radiation hard monolithic active pixel sensors (DMAPS).

Secondments at other STREAM partners will allow to focus on integration to trackers, carry out irradiation tests as well as gather additional design expertise.

For further information please contact :

Dr. Heinz Pernegger ( / CERN

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